Radio Communications

The Radio Communications Committee oversees building partnerships between the compact States and Provinces to provide safe and effective communications on forest fire operations. This committee continually shares and analyzes radio and wireless communications information and technology to provide the highest level of service to its members and the public.

  • Provides strategic coordination of radio equipment between the members in the most timely efficient manner possible.

  • Develop guidelines for the use of communication technology with a focus on moving towards greater commonality of equipment to ensure interoperability.

  • Develop up to date communications plans which are shared regularly amongst the compact members.

  • Collaboratively sharing pros and cons of various radio communication techniques and technology that increases the overall body of expertise and knowledge of the compact members as a whole.

  • Identifies and shares communications training within the compact.

  • Exchanges personnel within the compact to the member agencies to explore communication capabilities during active operational fire periods.

Portable Repeater

Ontario and Wisconsin collaborate communications during a wildfire near Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Commitee Members

GLFFC Committeee members participate in a radio communications exchange near Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba.

Interagency Training

GLFFC Members participate in ACU-M Training in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.