The Capstone experience is the culmination of a student’s time in the Journalism program. It is an opportunity for students to show off everything they have learned and to produce a high-quality, in-depth journalism project. Students are paired up with an experienced professional in the media industry to assist them along the way as they develop their capstone pieces.

The project requires extensive planning, research and original reporting over a period of several months. Students pitch their own project idea, which must be approved by the program administration and faculty. Each project must show students’ proficiency in at least two forms of media that work together to tell the story.

Students take the Capstone class in their last semester in the program. We recommend that students begin thinking about project ideas at least two semesters before they anticipate taking the Capstone course. Students must earn a grade of B (83) or higher in the Capstone class to graduate.

If students have questions about Capstone requirements, please email the Capstone account.