Geoff Flash, MFA

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NEWS - (flash.. :)

I'm part of a simultaneous collaborative exhibition, of 3D printed ceramics, in venues around the world ...

More information here...

This show had to be postponed due to a family emergency/injury.


MFA Thesis Poster

"3D Clay Self Portrait"

The past...

Me &...

U&lc "H"

"Piet's Cube"

"Puzzle Chair"

The Best Claytool Ever!

"World of Pain"

3D Sculpture, "Display for Retail".

"Alpha-flake" Poster 2010

"Display Type" cardboard "E".

The CV...

QR code "H".

Hand-blown glass vase.

Computer render during my chair-a-day period.

Laser cut model/study for retail display.

This image is the link for the typewriter collection that's not for sale!