Geoff Flash, MFA

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NEWS - (flash.. :)

I'm part of a simultaneous collaborative exhibition, of 3D printed ceramics, in venues around the world ...

More information here...

This show had to be postponed due to the present situation...


MFA Thesis Poster

"3D Clay Self Portrait"

The past...

Me &...

U&lc "H"

"Piet's Cube"

"Puzzle Chair"

The Best Claytool Ever!

"World of Pain"

3D Sculpture, "Display for Retail".

"Alpha-flake" Poster 2010

"Display Type" cardboard "E".

The CV...

QR code "H".

Hand-blown glass vase.

Computer render during my chair-a-day period.

Laser cut model/study for retail display.

This image is the link for the typewriter collection that's not for sale!