"I Meme What I Say, I Say What I Meme." 2010

Pair o' Puzzle Chairs.

Child's Puzzle Chair 2013

"Untitled" Duchamp spoof.

"Cane Chair" 2011

"U Flake" 22"x 22" carved on both sides.

Proof of concept "Display Type E".

Proof of concept "Display Type A".

Model for "Piet's Cube".

"1&3 Chairs" (Kosuth)

The 3 ice creams, were hand-made, to be photographed for an ice cream vending machine. (Rowe-Inter.)

"World of Pain" Thirty crutches and thirty bungee cords, assembled as a Buckminster Fuller Tensegric structure. (All of these crutches were used to get better from some sort of accident or operation.)

Study/Model for "Room Full of 1,000,000 Chairs"

"Occupied Chair"

"1,000,000 Chairs"

"Piet's Cube", 22" x 22"

At the William Paterson University "Power Art Gallery" Wayne, NJ.

"Handy (capped) Man"

At the "Skyclad Gallery" Boonton, NJ.

Study for "Four Chairs, No Seats", w/apologies to Orozco.

Study/play at bookstore with Legos.