Circa 1964, my first piece of clay, Mrs. Mannes's 3rd grade class. (Over 50 years old.)

Carved tea bowl, wood-fired, in Belvidere, NJ, in Peter Callas's Anagama kiln .

Large low-fire pitcher.

A vase called "Spring".

Tiles from the hexagon mold, notched for a new look.

Raku bowl fired at my studio in Denville, NJ.

Large "Tea Pot" with bamboo handle.

Early piece from 7th grade, an ashtray for dad,

...back when you could still make things like this.

Copy of Warren Mckensey bowl made with the claytool for the web site home page.

Large vase with black glaze.

Thrown, stretched, and slumped in a mold, platter.

"Academy Award Weiner".

"Skyscraper maquette at the corner of 3 Point and Perspective".

Another carved and pinched, wood-fired tea bowl.

Monday morning mug.

Salt-fired bowl.

Signature "Chicken-wing cup" salt-fired.

Stoneware goblet from 1978.

Slip-cast, assembled, goblet from college.

Stoneware urn, for my ashes... someday.

One of two micatious-clay bowls.

Very large vase thrown in three sections.

Stoneware goblet from 1978.