"Alpha-flake Snowflake Poster"

Second "Alpha-flake" Poster.

"U Flake" 22" x 22" CNC carved styrofoam.

"I Meme What I Say, I Say What I Meme." (SUI poster)

"I Meme What I Say, I Say What I Meme." (3D printed sculpture)

Third, Large Format "Alpha-flake" Poster.

Another, Large Format "Alpha-flake" Poster.

3D printed "Alpha-flake Ss" (ABS Plastic)

3D printed "Alpha-flake Nn" (ABS Plastic)

Proposal/study for "Snow Mobile" sculpture.

Alpha-flake "Ss" 3D printed for "Snowmobile" sculpture. This piece is made of ABS plastic and approximately 5" across.

Computer render of "Ee" as a side view.

Computer render as "Ice/glass".

Computer render "Alpha-flake Bb".

Computer render "Alpha-flake Kk".

Fourth, Large Format "Alpha-flake" Poster.

Before the sculpture was assembled...

Computer render "Alpha-flake Aa".

Computer render "Alpha-flake Xx", version one.

Computer render "Alpha-flake Xx" version two.

Fifth, Large Format "Alpha-flake" Poster.

Sixth, Large Format "Alpha-flake" Poster.

The SUI software interface...