3D Sculpture

QR Sculpture "City".

3D Sculpture from "SUI".

One 4'x 8' sheet of 13 ply Baltic Birch Plywood = Two Puzzle Chairs

Retail Display for Ceramic Coffee Cups.

Proof of concept model for retail display.

Mashing chairs and type... "Types of Chairs" 2015

< Top view of the "City" sculpture (above).

Computer render for "Chair-a-day" project.

Puzzle Chair at University Gallery show.

"Bold" from "Types of Chairs" (above)

"Script/Brush" for "Types of Chairs" (above)

"Italic" from "Types of Chairs" (above)

"U&lc H" printed from the 3D font.

"Twisty" from "Alpha-twist" for "The Book of E's".

The "S" from "Alpha-flake" 3D font.

Child's "Puzzle Chair" with butterfly back.

The third attempt at printing with the "Potterbot".

The head as bisque.

22" x 22" "Piet's Cube".

"Hair Chair"

"Snowmobile" at a grad review with a few studies of chair sculptures.

Computer render of "Tacky" for "The Book of E's".