Ongoing Projects

We are always working on the robot even if we aren't able to physically access it. Designing, CAD-ing, programming, planning out community outreach events, editing team media and creating robot game strategies can be done at home. You do not need ANY previous technical knowledge to join any of the ongoing project, as we provide workshops to teach you about that.
So check out the projects below and if you are interested, fill out the team application form (if you are new to the team) and contact us via slack or discord!

2022 Projects

Scratch Outreach

We are holding another Scratch Outreach Initiative this year in late May and early June!

(Team 4914 members can currently volunteer to teach at workshops.)

RAPID REACT conversion

We are currently making improvements to our 2020 INFINITE RECHARGE robot to make it compatible with RAPID REACT, in anticipation of offseason events in the fall.

2020 Projects

Climber (2).mp4

Test footage of our winch and hook climbing system.

Hook delivery System

Our robot has a hook and winch system for lifting itself on to the Generator Switch (robot field structure). At the moment it does not have a reliable mechanism to lift the hook up to 5ft and detach it, therefore placing the hook on to the bar and allowing the winch to lift the 100lb robot up. We will be using a forklift type mechanism to lift the hook up. The systems still needs to be designed in CAD and built. No previous technical knowledge if required, however, you must read the FRC game manual for Infinite Recharge (specifically robot construction rules).

robot vision: AUTO-aim

Our robot has an onboard camera running OpenCV on a raspberry pi to auto align the robots ball shooter with the target goal. At the moment it is running on Python, however, we are looking to improve its efficiency (currently it is relatively slow which makes it overshoot the target, therefore increasing the time it takes to). Additionally, we are planning on adding new features such as ball tracking and autonomous driving. Some prior knowledge about Python, C++ or general computer vision processing would be great but not necessary.


Our current Auto-Aim system in action, note the monitor on the bottom of the video is what the robot sees