About Us


Team 4914's mission is to stimulate students and inspire a new generation of students into STEM through hands-on learning and an environment for creativity and confidence to grow.

Core Values





Our Goals

The primary goal of 4914 is the extension of STEM into the community, and helping students understand the importance of STEM. Beyond that, we hope to propagate the values of FIRST & Team 4914 into the community, provide a comfortable enviroment for students to learn about STEM, and create strong bonds, both winthin our team members, and with the general community.

Our History

Starting in 2014, Team 4914 "Panthers" was established at Victoria Park Collegiate Institute with students from the school and several teacher mentors. Our FIRST robotics team’s first year started off with “Aerial Assist”, where we received Rookie All Star Award and Imagery Award at our first event. Thereafter, the team progressed onto the International Stage at St.Louis, Missouri, all within a year of being founded. Since then, we have won 11 FRC awards and grown in size and diversity. Team 4914 has always had the same goals in mind since the start, and through the help of our dedicated members, has refined & polished a clear system to engage students & educate them about STEM while also providing a fun and engaging competition background for them to test their new skills and grow.


2019 Finalist- Southwest International

2019 Team Spirit Award - York Regional

2018 Team Spirit Award - North Bay District

2017 Engineering Inspiration Award- North Bay District

2017 Woodie Flowers Semi-Finalist - North Bay District

2016 Gracious Professionalism Award- Windsor Essex Great-Lakes Regional

2015 Dean's List Finalist (Hanna Zhang)- GTR-W Regional

2015 Team Spirit Award - GTR-W Regional

2015 Imagery Award - GTR-W Regional

2014 Winner - North Bay Regional

2014 Rookie Inspiration Award - North Bay Regional

2014 Rookie All-Star Award - GTR-W Regional

2014 Imagery Award - GTR-W Regional