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General Resources

  • Damien Kee – This guy is the man! He produces quality content and is so helpful. This is always a starting place for me when I have questions.
  • Damien Kee NXT – His resource page is a great starting point if needing help with NXT
  • Dr Graeme – Be prepared to waste a day on this site. It has everything from tutorials, to challenges, to more resources. This is my second go to spot after Damien. You can close to everything you need.
  • – I met John Heffernan through LEAP
  • Blog – I find great ideas for creativity and new challenges for kids. Keeps me current with what people are doing.
  • Chow Miller – I met Ian through LEAP and what he is doing in his classroom is awesome! If I taught robotics I would be stealing his ideas on a daily basis!
  • – a great site that has a little bit of everything all mixed in.
  • – This is another valid website suggested by Ian Chow Miller and I agree with his recommendation about being another quality resource.
  • – This site is another forum to share ideas. It is operated by Jeffrey Jahja. The forum forum is for RNC, IRO(both are local competitions in Indonesia), WRO, FLL, FTC and RoboCup Junior. It is always good to see what people are doing around the world
  • - Everything you need to know and get started.
  • TechBrick – the main hub of all things FLL. Be prepared for a crazy, busy, over-saturated website, but it does have plenty of info to help guide you in getting started.
  • – This site has tutorials for both EV3 and NXT. They focus on the missions of each year, but you can adapt learning to anything. There is a fee for access to all videos, but it might be worth it to you in case you need specific help. Create a free account and then decide for yourself.
  • Robodogs – This is the wiki of my robotic teams that I run with a few other coaches. Far from perfect but you can see what we have done in the past and once we get kids updating this year we will have our current info as well. I am currently moving everything over to this OneNote so it won't be updated any longer.
  • EV3Lessons - we use this site almost every single practice to score our robot runs. There are a ton of other great resources, tutorials, and guides to get started. This is created by FLL team.


Coffeechug Blog Posts

Books We Use

What is a robot?

STEM Robotics 101's Unit 1, Lessons 1 is called, "What is a Robot?" and seeks to draw out student's preconceptions of robots and explore the variety and ambiguity of "What is a Robot?"

The Primary Instructional Material is a simple PowerPoint, and the Differentiated Instructional Material contains 14 related resources contributed by registered teacher-users of the site (everything from a music video "Robots Need Love Too" to a very serious TED talk about robots in warfare).

The EV3 version of the course is here:

and the NXT version here:

TED Talks