Workshops 2018

Vocal Performance and Songwriting Workshop with Ami Williamson

A Masterclass in Vocal Technique, Stage Craft and Songwriting

Where the Light Gets In - Writing Better Songs with Mike McClellan

A brief guide to writing better lyrics and creating better melodies.

Thumb Things Are Meant To Be- Mastering Finger style Guitar with Mike McClellan

A Brief Guide to Developing your finger-style guitar technique for accompaniment and solo performing.

Building Musical Bridges Between Cultures with Chris Finnen

This workshop is built around open guitar tunings, such as Open G, Open C, Open D6. This is primarily a demonstration of various techniques with a question and answer section. Please feel free to record the session!

Scottish Singing workshop with Fiona Ross

Aligned with The Jean Redpath Story, in this relaxed and informative workshop we will sing songs from Jean’s extensive repertoire of Scottish material and look more closely at her singing style and approach to the performance of traditional song. No previous knowledge or experience required – with Fiona Ross (Vic).

Learn Peter Thornton's Tunes

Learn and play six lovely tunes by Peter Thornton with Kathy Walton Christine Morphett, Peter Franche and friends: Highland Dreams, Annie’s Waltz, The New Old Time Waltz, The Aftermath, The Crossroads and Peekaboo Polka A fun opportunity to play along with the harmonies and to perform the set at the Peter Thornton Memorial presentation (Sunday at the Village Marquee). Sheet music and recordings will be available before the festival to give you a head start.

Playing Slow Airs with Kathy Walton

Pick up some instrumental techniques with to smooth out and spice up your slow repertoire. All melody instruments welcome.

Strum for Fun Ukulele Workshop with Willunga Ukuleles

Willunga Ukuleles strum for fun, and this workshop will be no different! Learn an arrangement of one song that will cater for a variety of abilities from beginner to intermediate. The workshop will culminate in a spontaneous, open-air performance. If there's time to spare, we'll strum some extra tunes just for the fun of it!

Introduction to Tin Whistle with games for children

For kids age 4 to 14 years, with Kathy Walton. Whistles and music provided (or bring your own)

Any Questions about Accordions? - Here are the Answers! with Peter Anderson

Melbourne’s Peter Anderson is a renowned repairer and tuner of accordions as well as being notorious as a player. In this workshop, he gives a potted history of the accordion, discusses the physics of the free reed, displays accordion innards and tunes reeds before your very eyes! And any unanswered questions you may have about accordions are very unlikely to remain so if asked.

Open Guitar Tunings to Enhance and Support Songs with Peter Day & Paul Reynolds

Peter Day & Paul Reynolds will play through some pieces in alternative guitar tunings. This is a demonstration and discussion, so don’t bring your guitar – just your ears and eyes!

The Art is all in the Right Hand with Daniel Bornstein

Unlock the esoteric secrets of the right hand for jazz and folk ukulele' with Daniel Bornstein (The Grubby Urchins). Daniel gives a few tips and tricks for upping your game in showy ukulele playing. Includes an exploration of ukulele clawhammer technique, a breakdown of the mysterious 'split stroke', and much more!

Americana Arrangements with The Heggarties

Learn all about the Americana genre of music.

Guitar as a Percussive Instrument, Altered Tunings and More with Jimmy O'Hare

Jimmy O'Hare works through the integral elements of one of the fastest growing guitar genres. Using the body of the guitar as a percussive instrument, altered tunings and looping are just some of the extended techniques to be covered.

Wonderful World Music Workshop with The Royal High Jinx

This program is for instrumentalists and vocalists at the Festival. You will have a chance to sing and play world music styles such as Klezmer, Romantic, Balkan and Gypsy. Unleash your musical ideas, as Sarah, Silas, Jen & Terry guide you through improvisational techniques while you enjoy playing a selection of original gypsy music from their self-published 'Royal High Jinx Tune Book’.

Fiddle Tricks with The Fiddle Chicks

Learn fiddle tricks to accompany songs, play bass lines and harmonies, not just to play the melody. Suitable for all levels of players