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Workshops are always from 9AM - 3PM with a 1 hour Potluck Lunch/ Business Mtg

Sarah Fairfield has her PhD. Music Education, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Kate Hagen has her M.A. Music Education, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA.

Both teach K-6 General Music at the Iowa City Community School District and are active in AOSA at the local and national level.

Sarah Fairfield &

Kate Hagen

August 25, 2018

Artfully Adding Ukulele

Got Ukes? Now What? Join us and figure out that next step. Learn how to make ukuleles work in your general music classroom. Practical applications on how to organize, tune, share instruments, and construct exciting daily lesson plans.

Discover how to incorporate ukulele into an ensemble-based teaching approach. We will introduce you to ensembles that combine chordal ukulele accompaniments with classroom percussion and time-tested folk songs.

BethAnn Hepburn, M.A. Music Education, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN and Teacher Education Instructor for the American Orff-Schulwerk Association.

She has taught music to grades pre-k to 6 for Streetsboro City Schools, with the distinction of Master Teacher from the State of Ohio.

BEth ANn HepBurn

October 6, 2018

Points in Playful Process

Re-discover your elemental spirit through multiple creative inspiration points! Speak, Sing, Move, and Play your way through lessons inspired from many creative springboards! We will explore a day of lessons with clear music concepts at their core, that spring from many inspiration points: Move your students with eurhythmics to build a foundation for strong ensemble skills. Sing to start your creative pathway, Speak with expression as the impetus to building musicianship and compositions. Play ensemble pieces created through movement. Lessons will be appropriate for grades K-5.


JAnuary 19, 2019

Have an Idea? Consider sharing your idea, lesson, or leading a discussion this year at First Iowa Orff's Chapter Share.

Josh Southard, M.A. Music Education, Anderson University, IN.

He teaches general music at Smoky Row Elementary School in Carmel, IN.

Josh SOuthard

April 13, 2019

It's All About the Process:

Keetman's Rhythmic Building Bricks

Using the elemental rhythmic building bricks, we will explore improvisation and composition in the classroom. Diving into pieces and examples from the Music for Children volumes and supplements, as well as children's literature, participants will learn how to play, improvise, create, and expand on them. Come ready to Sing, Dance, Play, Move, and CREATE!