Graduate Credit

ONE HOUR of Graduate Credit is again being offered this year through UNI. If you attend a majority (contact Dr. Swanson with questions) of the FIO workshop sessions (online and in person), you would qualify for the Graduate Credit option.

FYI: There is a $200 fee for the graduate credit (what a bargain) that is paid directly to UNI.


Start here:

The last section titled "Enrollment information" has a link to the enrollment form underneath it, in the first sentence.

When you CLICK that sentence you will be taken to the "Enroll now" page.

Select the first option to be taken to the correct form.

Most of the information is self-explanatory but here are a few pointers for certain sections:

1. Enter either your SS# or UNI student# NOT BOTH. The SS# is only used for matching purposes and is not on the form when received.

7. Class Nbr--for GRADUATE credit enter 72465

Title--Orff workshop



8. Select one based on what you entered in 7.

10. For Graduate credit you must complete this section.

11. Select no

14. The email address entered here is the address where your confirmation will be sent.

18. After you click "I AGREE" your form will come to our office electronically and we will register you. You will receive an automated message that it has been submitted. Once you have been registered you will receive a confirmation email with payment information from Carolina Wilson.

Any questions about this process feel free to call Carolina at 319-273-2121.