Fantasy Golf 2024

From the Comish:

Monday, June 17th

Not Important: My take on the US Open: Like Nick Faldo/Greg Norman in the 1996, Bryson didn't win the US Open, Rory lost. 3 bogies in the final 4 hole? Ouch.

Very Important: Taylor and Jean take a commanding lead over the rest of the league thanks to Bryson's $4.3 million payday. $4.3 million? WTF!?! They are $3.4 million ahead of Bryan, who also picked Bryson, and $5.9 million over Brett who ALSO picked Bryson. Jeff was the only other league member that picked Bryson, and he jumped into 7th-place.

Somewhat Important: the league made some great picks this week - 1st-Bryson DeChambeau, 2nd-Rory McIlroy, 3rd-Tony Finau, 7th-Xander Schauffele. 

Extremely Important: the dramatic return of the Mathematically Eliminated list!!! The $4.3 million payday, coupled with a Scottie Scheffler 41st-place finish (uhm, what?) means that Rob, Todd and Eileen have all been mathematically eliminated. Sorry Charlie.

Up Next Important: the PGA moves to Cromwell, CT for the Travelers Championship, a $20 million signature event. This just give the league ANOTHER chance to fall further behind.

Mathematically Eliminated:  (9 Events Remaining)

Eileen, Todd, Rob.

Up Next:

Travelers Championship 

TPC River Highlands

Cromwell, CT • USA

Signature Event PURSE = $20,000,000

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The US Open

Thursday, June 13th

Mr. Commish,

We head to the Tarheel State for the third major of the year; the U.S. Open at the vaunted Pinehurst No. 2, coincidentally located in the quaint Village of Pinehurst, North Carolina. Did you know that the Pinehurst Resort and Country Club has ten courses? TEN! And they are all somewhat oddly named in numeric fashion; No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, etc. It is as if someone said "Let's make it easy and give them all numbers!" because they didn't want to come up with some original, evocative names. Also, if you are going with this naming convention, why wouldn't Pinehurst No. 2, the hardest, most prestigious of their courses, be No. 1? Seems odd that No. 1 wouldn't be the best of the best. However, nobody from Pinehurst asked me for my opinion on the matter, so it is what it is. At least all of their outstanding restaurants, bars, and the brewery have fine, normal names (OMG, the bourbon menu at the North and South Bar!).

A major requires that you break out a heavy hitter, and my guy is one of the heaviest hitters of all. I am running out of top PGA TOUR talent to select, but how quickly we forget about those LIV Golfers. They only play every so often, and their broadcasts are relegated to the lowly CW Network either at odd times or up against more compelling sporting events. Let's face it; unless you have the hardened criminal and menace to society, Scottie Scheffler, still available as a selection, you are playing for second place. We are getting to the point where fellow competitors might resort to pulling the "snake prank" on Scottie mid-round just to give themselves a puncher's chance. Anyhow, my man is more than capable of finishing runner up. He made some waves at the PGA Championship, and the positive reaction he received seems to indicate this former villain has orchestrated a classic WWE "heel turn" and is now being embraced by the golf fans. A round of applause for the former US Open champion and SMU Mustang standout, the mad scientist himself, Mr. Bryson DeChambeau!