Fantasy Golf 2024

From the Comish:

Thursday, July 11th

Bryan and Scott both picked young Mr. Macintyre for the Scottish Open. Mac's cool $1.5 million keeps Bryan within $2.09 million of Taylor and just $727K behind Jean!


We are down to the final 4: Taylor, Jean, Bryan and Brett! Three more league members have joined the Mathematically Eliminated list: Scott, Gary and Jeff.

Some of the boys stay in Scotland for The Open Championship at Royal Troon, while some fly 23 hrs (with 2-stops) to Truckee California for the Barracuda Championship.

Mathematically Eliminated:  (4 Events Remaining: estimated $6.454 million)

Eileen, Todd, Rob, Jenny, Marc, Eric, Mary Jo, David, Jenny, Marc, Mary Jo, Scott, Gary, Jeff


The Open Championship

Royal Troon

Troon, South Ayrshire • SCO


Barracuda Championship 

Tahoe Mountain Club (Old Greenwood)

Truckee, CA • USA

PURSE = $4,000,000

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Genesis Scottish Open / ISCO Championship

Thursday, July 11th

Mr. Commish,

Serve me up some neeps and tatties and pour me a pint of Tennent's Lager! We fly across the pond to the homeland of Groundskeeper Willie for the Genesis Scottish Open at The Renaissance Club in North Berwick. Did you know that the name "Berwick" in Old English translates to "barley farmstead?" Given the great volume of scotch production / consumption, I had assumed all of Scotland was a barley farmstead! Anyhow, since becoming a PGA TOUR / DP World Tour combined event, it has become fashionable among the big dogs to use it as a tune-up for The (British) Open Championship. My guy is currently 41st in the FedEx Cup standings and 17th in the Official World Golf Rankings. He should be well rested after taking a week off following eight tournaments in a row. His recent runner up at the Travelers demonstrates some good form, and he has finished T6 and 3rd in a duo of past appearances here at the Scottish. A round of applause for the first PGA TOUR winner born after the year 2000, Presidents Cup veteran on the International side, a lover of good pizza, and babysitter for the Shefflers, Mr. Tom Kim!

Not to be forgotten is a B-squad tournament in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. With Barbasol and the Big Shaving Cream industry effectively exiting the PGA TOUR sponsorship arena, we can thank ISCO, a piping solutions company, for stepping in to support the newly branded ISCO Championship. ISCO's slogan of "Laying the pipe since 1962!" is a bit racy, and rumor has it the trophy is simply a giant piece of high-density polyethylene pipe, but these things are to be expected in a deescalated event. It is projected to be a hot weekend with temperatures in the low 90's. The Weather Channel goddess, Stephanie Abrams, says they will be "sweating like nerds at their first dance" in Nicholasville, KY, so you know that means the heat will be oppressive. My guy just turned pro and played his college golf in the neighboring state of Ohio, so he is very familiar with the weather conditions in this region of our great nation. Currently ranked 498th in the world, the low ranking is in no way reflective of his tremendous play. He was the low amateur at both the Masters and the U.S. Open, joining the elite company of Jack and Tiger as the only other person to accomplish that feat. Give it up for the former Ohio State Buckeye, the lover of a good Waffle House, and a guy with a mullet that would make even the most grizzled hockey mom say, "Nice salad, kid," Mr. Neal Shipley!