It is always amazing to see the technology that we strive to make possible being implemented and used by people and artists all around the world. This is a place to share what technology is available out in the wild.


  • BeCasso (Oil and Watercolor filtering) using technology from Semmo et al., Wang et al. and Bousseau et al.
  • Prisma (Neural networks stylization) using technology from Gatys et al.
  • PaintCan (Oil painting from photography) using technology from Winnemöller et al.
  • SnapDot (Stippling filtering) using technology from Adrian Secord
  • PencilFX (Pencil drawing filtering) using technology from Gooch et al.
  • StyLit demo (Example-based stylization of 3D renderings) using technology from Fišer et al.

Open-source Frameworks:

Compositing software

Commercial Frameworks:

Object-space stylization

Stroke-space stylization

  • ArtRage -> natural painting software
  • Rebelle -> watercolor and wet-media painting software

Compositing software