Line Drawing


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2015 - Stylized strokes for coherent line drawings [ paper, web ]
Liming Lou, Lu Wang, Xiangxu Meng

2012 - Active Strokes: Coherent Line Stylization for Animated 3D Models [ paper, web ]
Pierre Bénard, Jingwan Lu, Forrester Cole, Adam Finkelstein, Joëlle Thollot

2008 - Line Drawings from 3D Models - Siggraph class 2008 [good review of past work]

2008 - Where do people draw lines? [ paper, web ]
Forrester Cole, Aleksey Golovinskiy, Alex Limpaecher, Heather Stoddart Barros, Adam Finkelstein, Thomas Funkhouser, Szymon Rusinkiewicz

2006 - Directing Gaze in 3D Models with Stylized Focus [ paper, web ]
Forrester Cole, Doug DeCarlo, Adam Finkelstein, Kenrick Kin, Keith Morley, Anthony Santella

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