Assessing Expressive Rendering

According to Cole et al. [CDF*06], there are three strategies to assess the effectiveness of expressive rendering:

  • Survey users to gather subjective impressions
  • Measure the performance in some task (response of recognition, compute time, etc)
  • Measuring viewer guidance

There is of course more to that, but this will come at a later time, once we find the time to populate this section.

If you are looking to survey artists using your technology, make sure to approach Santiago Montesdeoca, he has gathered a list with over 250+ artists worldwide that have registered to try expressive rendering technology!


[CDF*06] Directing Gaze in 3D Models with Stylized Focus, Forrester Cole, Doug DeCarlo, Adam Finkelstein, Kenrick Kin, Keith Morley, Anthony Santella

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