Segmentation CAT12 comparison in pediatric tumors

Brief Introduction

In this report, we will go through some cases of our pediatric brain tumor dataset, in order to test the ExploreASL-implemented CAT12.5 (1363) and the newly released CAT12.7-Beta (1615). The cases analysed will differ in resolution, age, “amount” of pathology and may be either pre- or post-surgery.

Please note that since I couldn’t find the original CAT12.5 software online, we will be comparing the performance of the entire ExploreASL structural module (without WMH correction) with the performance of CAT12.7-Beta called from the SPM12 UI.

Since we expect to see a difference in skull stripping, volume data for WM/GM/CSF will be given to provide a quantitative comparison along with the qualitative comparison provided by the images.

With thanks to Sjors Verschuren. His comparison report can be found HERE.