Support Us

We acknowledge the support of these local businesses and cultural organizations. We ask you to support them as generously as they have supported us. Thank you!

Dash's Market, 1770 Hertel

Is the summer home of the EVCS Scholastic Chess Club! Mr. Dash has graciously offered space in the second-floor cafe of his new store to host the club on SUN nights from JUL 7 through AUG 18, from 6pm to 7:30pm. It is a beautiful facility and has everything players, parents and public could want!

Our Triple-S 2019 tournament will be attached to these meetings.

First Prize in the 2019 Elmwood Cup

Pride of place goes to Six Flags Darien Lake for its donation of two 2019 season passes to the park, which were awarded to the winner of this year's Elmwood Cup.

Thank you Six Flags Darien Lake!

When you visit Six Flags Darien Lake this summer, be sure to check out the tallest amusement park ride in New York State (at 242'!), the SkyScreamer!

Families ask, "How Do I Support Thee? Let Me Know the Ways."

Our chess club is, happily, the largest scholastic chess club in WNY. That’s the good news. We ended the practice of charging even nominal dues in the Spring of 2016: There has never since been a cost to participate in any in-building chess activity. That’s the very good (historical) news.

If you would like to become a supporter of the club, there are two ways: Volunteer your time, or some of your money!

Donations to the club, which is owned by the school, are as tax-deductible as donations to the school itself. Here’s what some suggested donations are and what they can buy:

  • 25¢ is the cost of reporting a single game’s results to the USCF for rating purposes, and in 2018-19, we reported nearly 500 game results (up from under 100 in 2017-18!).
  • $1 is the cost of replacing a single piece in a chess set. (We go through rooks for some reason.)
  • $3 is the cost of one of the membership pins given to all new members of the club at the end of their first year of participation. In JUN 2019, we presented over 40.
  • $11 is the cost of a set of gold, silver and bronze medals (with ribbons!) awarded in a tournament section; it’s also the cost (don’t laugh) of a plastic tote that can hold 12 chess clocks or sets--those are important too!
  • $40 is the cost of an additional (or replacement) chess clock.

As far as time goes, we are well aware that not many of you can help out with weekday afterschool activities (oh, but if you can, we are begging you). Most EVCS chess tournaments are on weekends, though, and we can always use hands to set up, tear down, brew and serve coffee and sell pizza or candy--and despite what you may have heard, the donation of baked goods for sale has not gone out of fashion. (Neither has the more modern donation of pop in 12oz cans or water in 500ml bottles.)

Send your monetary donation to the school with your child in an envelope marked "FOR THE CHESS CLUB." Make checks payable to "EVCS." Contact us with any question or to volunteer your time.

There are many ways you can support your child’s interest in organized chess at school; we are grateful for all of them.