For what it may be worth to others looking to replicate our efforts, we use the following vendors and goods.

House of Staunton

Our sole supplier of chess pieces and boards.

Digital Game Technology

The EVCS Chess Club prefers the DGT North American, available from a variety of retailers.

Wholesale Chess

Supplier of chess "scorebooks."

SwissSys tournament software

The most-capable tournament management software we know of.

Crown Awards

Our primary supplier of awards, including the Elmwood Cup.

Express Awards

Our secondary supplier of awards, particularly medals.

The Treehouse

A nearby (Buffalo NY) toy store that has generously supported the EVCS Chess Club. And they sell regulation sets: Cool.

WML Chess Software

We have used ChessPad with school projection equipment to teach on a big screen.

We don't guarantee (or even suggest) that these vendors or their products will meet your needs. But they did ours. We receive no remuneration for reporting this fact: We're in it for the karma.

Rochester Chess Center

While we have not done any business with them ourselves, it's hard to imagine any bricks-and-mortar retailer has a wider variety of chess-related items than these guys near Cobb's Hill in the Flower City.