Because chess is more fun when you can vanquish an opponent!

Join the EVCS Chess Club!

If you are a student at the EVCS Days Park campus in grades 3-8 during the 2019-20 school year, you can join the chess club starting in SEP 2019! Our first meetings will be in OCT!

Students at the Hertel campus should contact a Hertel parent organizing an effort to establish a club there.

Join the U.S. Chess Federation Anytime!

Download the membership application HERE, complete it and mail it with a check made payable to "EVCS" (or cash if you're risk-seeking--not recommended) to:

EVCS Chess Club, 40 Days Pk, Buffalo NY 14201-2008

Expect an email with your ID number from the USCF in seven days or less. The same procedure may be used to renew a (or revive an expired) USCF membership!

There are many other chess organizations you can join, but these are the ones our kids do!

Since 1878!

The official New York State affiliate of the USCF, NYSCA is described by Wikipedia as the "oldest continuously-run chess organization in the U.S.," and they've got 140 annual state championship events to prove it!

Other annual events include the state Scholastic Championships (50+ runnings) and since 2017, the state Girls Championships as well.

Join here.