Club Schedule

In-School Activities

The calendar below reflects the current state of declared plans from EVCS regarding a school reopening.

Now, go wash your hands (again). Really--it can't hurt.

Keep up to date with our regular club meetings at left!

Instructional Groups (IG's) meet on TUE's; enrollment is limited and you will be told your child(ren)'s assigned group by email.

The Players Group (PG) meets on WED's to allow chess club members from previous years and successful "graduates" of Instruction, capacity allowing, to play friendly (or not-so friendly) games.

The Tournament Group (TG) also meets on TUE's to enable members who play in public (non-EVCS) tournaments, capacity allowing, to hone their skills with additional instruction and in-school USCF tournaments.

In many cases, you can add our in-building activities calendar to your mobile or desktop application by clicking HERE.