Always the SMART move!

The EVCS Chess Scholastic Club is located at the Elmwood Village Charter School campus in Buffalo's historic Allentown neighborhood at 40 Days Park. Parking lots are on Hudson Street and Days Park.

The Elmwood Village Charter School (Days Park) Scholastic Chess Club was started in January 2015 to provide afterschool opportunities to play, and learn to play, chess. Since then, it has grown to be the largest chess program in any Western New York K-8 (or even K-12, though EVCS has no 9-12) school!

In April 2017, the club affiliated with the U.S. Chess Federation (USCF), the national governing body for the sport of chess in the United States. Individual students joined the USCF as well, in addition to some highly-motivated parents! The club has two USCF-authorized Tournament Directors as well as a USCF-certified Chess Coach on its staff.

In June 2017, the club conducted WNY's first-ever Junior K-12 In-School Tournament under USCF rules to award the annual school championship chess trophy, the Elmwood Cup. To date, the club is the only one in WNY to conduct a Junior K-12 tournament.

In September 2017, the club joined with the former Aloma D. Johnson Charter School's National Eagles of Excellence Scholastic Chess Club to found the Magna Charter Series of scholastic chess tournaments in WNY.

In January 2019, as part of its National School Choice Week event, the club conducted WNY's first-ever Junior Primary (K-3) Tournament under USCF rules.

The club also publishes an Internet calendar of all chess-related events in Erie and Niagara Counties (and Yorkshire and Arcade, New York!) that are open to schoolchildren (seen at left--but it looks much better opened on its own)!

You can find out more about the club, or ask questions about scholastic chess (we'll do our best to answer them!), by emailing us.

We encourage you to visit the websites of the Amateur Chess Association of WNY, the Archangel 8 Chess Academy, the Black Knights Chess Association and the QueensKnight Scholastic Chess Club as well. Schools interested in a turnkey solution to providing a chess program should check out Kids Play Chess LLC, which operates chess clubs in over a half-dozen area schools, public, private and parochial. If you're somewhat east of us, you must visit the Rochester Chess Center for both playing opportunities and a full-blown store.

Chess, especially among schoolchildren, is on an upswing in WNY (and nationally!), so get with a program: It's always the SMART move!

The EVCS Scholastic Chess Club is a Scholastic Affiliate (No. H6049505) of the USCF and is owned by the Elmwood Village Charter School.