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ESLinsider is a media rich site designed to help train teachers to teach English in Asia. You will find how-to videos, a blog, resources and engaging online TEFL courses especially focused more on teaching the largest part of Asia's job market - children.

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Some research on what makes a good online course. There is also a page that accompanies this.

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ESLinsider’s online TEFL course

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Here are some good things about ESLinsider's course

Want learning how to teach English to be easier?

There are a lot of visuals in ESLinsider's course. I've tried to make the course as engaging as possible which means no long boring text passages, useless theory, jargon, etc.

ESLinsider has been live online since 2011.

Those instructional videos were filmed in classrooms in Korea and Taiwan.

The main problem I had as a teacher was that it was difficult to learn! First I didn't find the TESOL course I took to be very helpful for teaching in Taiwan where I started.

Why not?

It wasn't practical enough.

What I learned was that the easiest way to learn how to teach is by 'watching other teachers'.

Monkey see, Monkey do.

It's that simple.

But the problem with most online courses is you're gonna get a load of text and theory and while those courses may provide you with a certificate you probably won't learn much in them which is going to make your job more difficult.

Most TEFL courses also tend to focus more on teaching adults because they emulate the CELTA model. Of course many will tell you that you will learn to do both in their course, but I doubt it as I've taken 2 other courses.

If you ask me kids are the harder age group to teach.

  1. You need visuals to learn (same with your students). Studies show that text and words frequently go in one ear and out the other.

  2. You need a practical course that shows you what to do (not theory). This isn't just a problem with TEFL this is a problem with 'education'.

  3. Feedback from a human on assignments also helps.

ESLinsider's course (TEKA) contains all three.

TEKA is a TEFL young learners course.

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