Cowdon (or Cowden) Hall in East Renfrewshire comprises the remains of an impressive 19th century designed landscape that included a mansion, extensive glass houses and a boating pond. The mansion was demolished in the latter part of the 20th century but good evidence of the landscape and garden features remain. Evidence of the architects of the mansion and also the glass house installation is proving more elusive.

Our GHSS document describes the history of Cowdon Hall and illustrates many of the features.

We have also produced a number of other documents that may shed a little more light on the history of Cowden Hall -

Cowden Hall - a brief history

Cowden Hall - a continuing mystery Who built the extensive glasshouse range and conservatory? Was it James Boyd & Sons of Paisley?

Robert Orr prepares to move out A sale-room glimpse at the interior of Cowden Hall

The Orrs of Cowden Hall 1891 and 1901 provides census, staff and other details for those interested in family history.