Caldwell Estate

Caldwell Estate in East Renfrewshire is the location of what remains of Caldwell House, a mansion constructed in 1773 to a design by Robert Adam. Significant parts of the estate, although overgrown, are largely unaltered. Many of the classic features associated with a typical 18th century estate can still be seen. Evidence of two previous periods of settlement on the estate lands can also be found, including the remains of a formal garden associated with a previous house constructed around 1715.

Detail from Ainslie Map of the County of Renfrew 1796 courtesy National Library of Scotland (

History of Caldwell Estate

The group has produced a detailed document describing many of the landscape features available in Caldwell Estate History. A collection of images of various items that have been uncovered during our studies is presented in Some artifacts from Caldwell

There is other material pertaining to the Caldwell area available from the database of Historic Environment Scotland (formerly RCAHMS) through Caldwell on Canmore .


An overview of the various garden locations within the estate and their history is provided in Gardens and planting. Two gardens are of particular significance.

  • Sometime in the early to mid 1700's a large formal garden was established following the construction of a new mansion around 1715. Locating the remains describes the details emerging from our map and site studies of this garden. There is also an annotated satellite image that relates the map features to the evidence on the ground.

  • A large walled garden was constructed around 1799, following the construction and occupation of a new mansion on the estate. Ramshead walled garden - site history incorporates details on the origin and development of this walled garden. The hot-house takes a closer look at the remaining evidence and the construction details of the hot-house and structures and construction detail provides a pictorial tour of some of the physical features.


Tree planting in the 18th century lists plantings including an account from Dixon of Hassendeanburn in 1766.

Seeds, plants, trees and tools 1844-46 contains details of an extensive account from Austin & McAslan that includes plants destined for the hot-house as well further tree plantings.

An estate plan and the Scottish acre illustrates the only estate map or plan that we have been able to locate for Caldwell. It shows details of estate development around 1768 and a detailed image of the plan is available. There is also some information relating to a plan for the Mure's Edinburgh property, Abbeyhill.

Caldwell House and Caldwell Tower

As part of our studies on garden and landscape history, the archive of the Mure family papers along with the original drawings of Robert Adam have provided much information. Further details can be found through our page on Caldwell House where information of likely interest to family historians can also be found. Further information on Caldwell Tower, a prominent local landscape feature, is also available.

Caldwell Golf Course

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