Trees House

Now the home of Fereneze Golf Club

This image comes from Taylor's 1831 publication shown below. In it he writes

"On the east front of the Fereneze Braes, Trees, the residence of William Findlay, Esq., is the most pleasantly situated mansionhouse in this part of the country. It is richly ornamented, and sheltered on the west and south by wooding, and on every direction by orchards of fruit trees, shrubbery, flowers and plants of every description being so elevated, it is visible(except to the west, where it is overtopped by the hills) for many miles away and commands an interesting view of Glasgow. A kind of wooden balcony or veranda, extending the whole length of the house in front, was errected in 1830, which on passing near to it, gives it a look of additional grandeur."

Image courtesy National Library of Scotland (

The site had been affected by golf course development and housing to the east, although some of the woodland paths can still be traced.