East Renfrewshire Designed Landscapes and Gardens Group

 Caldwell Tree Account 1766: National Library of Scotland

East Renfrewshire incorporates a rich but largely hidden history of designed landscapes and gardens. This includes the remnants of once great estates such as Caldwell; the grand homes of the wealthy 18th and 19th century industrialists and the various public spaces such as parks and cemeteries.  Some highlights of our work so far include

discovering and documenting the remains of the 18th century formal garden at Caldwell

exploring the evidence of the very extensive heated glasshouse installation and other features at Cowden Hall

delighting in the unusual features of ceramic guttering and coffin topped gate posts at Neilston Cemetery !

The activities of members of the group vary depending on personal interests, as collectively we make progress on a wide range of projects. For some, this may mean studying appropriate maps, typically through the outstanding facilities available on-line through the National Library of Scotland. For others, it may mean seeking information through conventional techniques such as archive searches, personal and public photographic records and interview.

Important to all of us, when possible, is site exploration. Preferably on a fine day! Again and again we have found that this can reveal information not available through any conventional desk based research. It has also enabled us to accumulate a valuable record of site information as well as leading us into techniques such as tree age estimation.

If you would like further information, we look forward to your email.