Find out how you can unlock your potential with fantastic opportunities to travel and work in Europe

What is Erasmus+

Erasmus+ is the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Erasmus+ provides Tramore Road Campus with opportunities to organise learning activities for our students and staff across Europe. Our students can apply for and complete a short term (two week) work experience placement in Europe. Placements will be arranged by the college with employers in the host country and students will gain valuable experience living and working in another European country, appreciating a new culture and using a foreign language. The experience will help develop our students' self-confidence, independence, language skills, awareness of their European citizenship and improve employment opportunities.  

How does it work?

Applications to the programme are open to all students but places are limited. Students apply each Autumn and successful candidates will be contacted with information on the country and time of year that the Erasmus+ work placement will take place. The college will arrange the work experience placements in the students vocational (subject) area.  All students taking part will receive a maintenance grant which is funded by the European Commission. The aim of the grant is to assist students with travel and the cost of living abroad. The grant is not means-tested and does not affect students' entitlements to other grants, such as SUSI, Back to Education, etc. The grant amount can vary depending on the host country and the duration of mobility.  

Tramore Road Campus Plan

 An internationalization plan has been put in place by Tramore Road Campus, where both staff and students will build European networks & partnerships in education and industry.  As part of our internationalization plan, we will actively participate as European citizens by encouraging students and staff at Tramore Road Campus to develop industrial, linguistic, social and cultural integration in Europe. Tramore Road Campus acknowledge funding and support from the European Union and our national agency Léargas and promote the Erasmus+ programme priorities: inclusion and diversity, environmental sustainability; digital education and active participation.