A lesson for web UI/UX design and build.

Use this site as a guide for creating your web page using Google sites. There are four phases (listed below). Use the the menu to navigate to specific instructions for each phase. Learn more about the profession of Interactive Design.

Phase 1: User Experience Design

  1. Students will start by creating a new google site.
  2. They will build worksheet pages in their Google site for their:
    • Logline
    • Benchmarks
    • User experience stories

Phase 2: User Interface Design

  1. Students will build a worksheet page in their Google site for their content map
  2. They will build their wireframes by making layouts in pages they add to their site

Phase 3: Visual Design

  1. Students will create art and design assets using photography, illustration, video or fair-use use images from the internet.
  2. They will store their assets in a Google Drive folder

Phase 4: Development

  1. Students will insert the assets into their wireframe page layouts.
  2. They will then test their sites for accessibility and loading speed.

Short link to this site: https://bit.ly/2maTw6c