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A cosmology should describe not only space, or supposed space objects observed at a distance via EMF, but also how your world works, and why things are the way they are. EPEMC is an open-source cosmology you can touch, interact with, critique, and test. It can, and should, be useful to examine questions as varied as medicine, diet, war, family life, philosophy, God, the soul, and destiny. 

This is precisely what EPEMC can do, and does. Read about the top 10 reasons to switch to EPEMC, and read the Standards. You, too, can do PEMC and EPEMC research, and post (to Academia or ResearchGate, for example). Social Media is our peer review... you are the peer review. The word peer implies equality. The journal system is a pre-internet antiquated system, and it denies cross-threading of research, and therefore breaks the symmetry shown in nature - the harmonious balance of energy through electricity - by denying that archaeology should work with physics, for example. Or that you even need a coherent model of the nucleus of the atom! 

Rather than introduce fake science, pseudoscience, and patchwork to try to cobble together mathematically exclusive systems to force a "Standard Model," in PEMC we take our cue form Nature herself. Let the Universe tell us how it works, and accept it on its terms.

99% of matter is Plasma. There is no Dark Matter, Dark Energy, axions, dark photons, and there was no Big Bang. There are no physical objects called Black Holes. The holes you see are expected in plasmoid experimentation since 1957, 10 years before Black Hole Theory was concocted

Plasma Cosmology (1927) is older, when combined with its father and mother, Electromagnetism, and PEMC dates back at least 70 years before Sir Isaac Newton to Gilbert's "De Magnete." And it grows and improves to this day.

Enter within, and learn what's been denied to you. It's all here, for free, and you don't need to work at a lab. The cosmos is speaking to us, perhaps literally, and we have but to listen!