Engaging Latinx Art

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A NEH Summer Institute for Higher Eduation Faculty

June 6-18, 2022

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and the University of Houston

Engaging Latinx Art

Reception for YOU tonight (Friday) 6:00-7:30 PM, courtyard of UH

Planning for the end of the Institute: Check-out time is on or before 2:30 PM (thank you, UH Residential!), Saturday, June 18. You may check out on Friday evening, of course (but there is no financial reward for doing so).

Going to Bermac for this afternoon's artist studio visits? Liz Donato and Lillian Michel have generously agreed to meet anyone who wants to go at 2:40 PM at the Museum District train stop, northbound platform (San Jacinto St.). From there it is one stop to Wheeler and a six-minute walk to the Bermac building.

NEH Participant Survey now available here. Note that you will be asked to suggest future NEH Institutes and associated scholars, and that NEH staff will be reading those suggestions.

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See the Getting Around and Eating page for tips on exploring the city and its food scene. Or simply decide on a place with some friends and grab an Uber.

I want to browse books and study: You have access to the UH MD Anderson Library, about a six-minute walk from your townhomes. Hours available at the link. As you enter, find the "Not UH Student/Faculty" lane (on your left) and show your temporary ID to the guard. You can browse books but you may not check them out.

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COVID Precautions: During our museum and seminar activities, we ask that you mask indoors where you cannot maintain a radius of 6 feet of more between yourself and the closest person. In your townhomes, please be considerate but you may do what the group thinks best. If you receive a positive test, UH requires that you follow CDC guidelines for quarantine and return (5 days). See much more here.

Getting Around: It would be very helpful for you to download the Q Ticketing Mobile app for your phone (if at all possible). This will allow you to travel freely and with much less hassle. For those who are not comfortable with payment systems on your phone, we will devise a workaround. For those of you from New York, you know how convenient this mode of payment for public transport can be. For much more info on getting around click here.

COFFEE: Nook Café opens at 8 AM weekday mornings.

The focus of this Institute will be the ascendancy of the cultural and artistic movement known as “Latinx” Art. The institute will introduce the participants to the history of Latinx art through readings, documents, lectures--and perhaps most importantly--work in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. This institute proposes to break new ground for attending faculty by including Latinx art at the center of the discussion on the history and criticism of artmaking in the United States and globally.

Institute takes place June 6-18, 2022, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and the University of Houston.

A message from NEH:

Greetings summer program participants! My name is PC Fleming and I am a program officer in the NEH’s Division of Education Programs. I have been working with Rex, Roberto, Mari, and Arden as they plan this summer’s Institute for Higher Education Faculty.

Depending on public health guidelines related to COVID-19, plans for a residential offering are subject to change.

Image: Amalia Mesa-Bains, Transparent Migrations, 2001, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Museum purchase funded by the Latin Maecenas, 2019.28

Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this Web resource do not necessarily represent those of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Research and Lectures held mainly in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston with some sessions at the University of Houston.

Scholar/Curators exploring Latinx art as a key constituent of Latinx culture.

Attendees will have access to on-campus housing for a reasonable rate. The UH Townhomes are built to create learning communities.

Information on application criteria and requirements as well as the link to application portal.

Questions? See FAQ and contact us below

Contact [Rex Koontz at rkoontz@uh.edu] to get more information on the project