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Please excuse our rudimentary Home Page and Intro Videos! Our higher priority items have been worked on more than these. We're proud of our idea's basic functionality, at least!



The basic functionality of this website and the utility platforms work, but is under ongoing construction and improvements. Thank You for your understanding.

Now Available on Hyperspace and 2 other platforms!

HyperSpace Levels Introductory Video (Update Coming Soon)

Above is an example of an exercise called "Skull Crushers" being performed at Level 1

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HyperSpace Games Introductory Video

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2 Other Platforms:

Steemit Workouts Introductory Video

(Subtitles Recommended)

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A better future is here, where you monetize your exercise in a new innovative way! Let us show you this future.

Work Out! Enjoy the Community! Motivate Others! Earn Rewards!

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