We have created our first workout game on HyperSpace! HyperSpace is an improved platform developed after Wildspark and is now where we are focusing running our games and workouts. Steemit and DTube have been set up nicely and are completely useable, however, our preference is to mainly run things through HyperSpace because of the user experience and the token economics. Let us know your opinions and preferences in our Discord channel. Check our HyperSpace page!



Currently, our focus is on the workouts available on the Steemit platform, although the Wildspark platform is available, too. Through our blog on Steemit, we encourage participants to post workouts of their own and we will have community leaders actively tend to choosing workouts to perform as well and give upvotes to incentivise participation. Participation and incentivization is a main goal of our community, afterall! The Wildspark platform is great, too, and is continuing further development. Stay tuned!


We are excited about bringing an update to our Workout Games on Wildspark. Presenting: Increasing Curls Workout Game 1 on Wildspark

Don't forget to join our Discord! See our Homepage.


Happy New Year Everyone!

We are very excited to announce that we have created a series of workout games! You can participate in workout games with your friends and ENexercisenetwork community participants ALL OVER THE WEB! The names of the first 3 games are: Decreasing, Increasing, and Rubberbanding workouts. And... you may be able to earn cryptocurrencies for participating! The General Rules to the games can be viewed on the Workout Games Page. The basic idea shared by all 3 of these games is that a Motivator (any person can be the game starter) will start by specifying variations of the workout game General Rules, making particular rules for levels and the ending of the game for participants. Along the way, anyone can share the current game or spin off their own games and share them with anyone they want all over the web! This furthers The EN's plan to widen our community for doing social workouts and adds a little bit of fun as well as some social accountability to our workouts. The games will be accessible online through the Daily Workouts subsections, your place to consistently start your workouts. More to come!



In March of 2018, The EN plans to make available an upgraded platform, which adds additional accessibility to interact with others through Synereo's app, which is due to be released in February as a complement to their Chrome extension "Wildspark." For now, our blog is available at for those who are ready to get things going!


Later, The EN plans to add additional accessibility through WildSpark, which is now in Open Beta. You may see Synereo's website at!


The EN is under weigh!

Users can visit @the-en where the stored interactable data on The Graphene Blockchain can be accessed through the interface provided by inc.!! For those that don't speak this "tech-talk", The EN is ready to go!! Users can Exercise and Earn, Anywhere! Go here and choose from the selection! If you don't already have an account with, you will need to create one. It's Free!

Users can also access The EN's Workout Page for highlights.