How it works

Steemit How it Works Video: -Coming Soon!

  • Users come to our posts to see/post short exercise videos and interact with them.
  • By upvoting, commenting/interacting, and/or producing videos in response that receive interactions, users are rewarded through with tokens (Steem) that they can sell or trade for Bitcoin or currency such as US dollars/Euro or others. Each of these interactions can reward a user and gives the users the options to do any/some of them. Some people for instance don't want to post videos of themselves exercising and that is fine. There are other options available to participate and enjoy.

The videos/comments produced generally fall under different roles of The EN community.

The EN has important Roles: Motivators and Motivatees are a couple important ones.

Also, there are Community Leaders. (Link to apply to become a Community Leader Coming Soon)

Motivators produce videos doing particular exercises and activities. They lead/motivate motivatees.

Motivatees respond to Motivators' videos with the exercises and activities presented, which also motivates the motivators, but let's not make this confusing!

Community Leaders lead and do other things to help grow the community and facilitate frictionless user experiences.

The result: Exercise and rewards!

Here's a possible example:

  • There are 2 users in this example with the screen names: @showoff and @johndoe.

@showoff posts a video

~20 minutes later, @johndoe watches the video and sees @showoff doing a situps routine.

@johndoe upvotes the video (earning @showoff and @johndoe some Steem Rewards)

@johndoe makes a video of himself doing the routine demonstrated by @showoff and posts it.

@showoff upvotes the video (earning both @showoff and @johndoe Steem Rewards)

@showoff and @johndoe sell their Steem for USD at a licensed exchange. (There are many ways to sell virtual currency such as Steem, this is one way. If you've never done it before don't worry! IT'S VERY, VERY EASY. When you earn some rewards you can search or Google/Search: selling Steem on an exchange.) A common way is to trade Steem for Bitcoin and trade Bitcoin for USD. The rates and prices vary. At this writing 1 Steem token is worth ~$2.10. The Steem to Bitcoin ratio is ~.0008 Bitcoin. At this time, though, you need not concern yourself with this aspect too much.

  • Notice that in this case @showoff was the motivator and @johndoe was the motivatee. Everyone in The EN can do both roles.

If you are wondering who pays for Steem and how that works, they explain it on their website (basically investors/promoters, etc). What we mainly want to state here is that as of this writing, it's free to join their site and it provides us an excellent opportunity to exercise and be rewarded!

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Our website is undergoing ongoing construction. We plan to add additional information to provide a better preview for newcomers, however, at this point: just jump into it! We welcome you!