-The EN etiquette

Please follow The EN's Eniquette when participating with the community! Thank You!

When Posting A Video:


  • Greet the audience
  • Say the screen name (or best attempt) of the Motivator to whom you are responding (if you are responding as a motivatee) or your own screen name (Motivator)
  • Say the Starting Passphrase (Keep the community accountable so people don't submit repeat videos from earlier dates)
  • Do the entire exercise within the video frame
  • Do say the Starting Passphrase when you pause and restart your videos upon resuming (shooting videos)
  • Say the Ending Passphrase (Accountability Redundancy) -makes videos unique and harder to respond with cheater videos
  • Have Fun!
  • Be Safe!
  • Thank the audience for viewing!


  • Submit videos of very poor quality or without the subject within the frame
  • Submit videos from earlier dates with dubbed in sounds/passphrases
  • Cheat or post cheater/spam posts and/or videos
  • Be rude
  • Advertise
  • Spam!
  • Get hurt or perform unsafe practices!

These are merely guidelines. Please use good judgment and certainly remain within the law.

Thank You So Much For Your Cooperation!

When Interacting with Posts:


  • Upvote/amp users' posts who submit good content and "give it a best effort"
  • Be kind and respectful of the other users of the community
  • Be encouraging and motivating to the users who have different backgrounds, capabilities, and goals
  • Flag/Downvote/Report Spam and video posts of people who "give an obvious poor effort or cheat"


  • Be disrespectful to others
  • Spam or post videos that lack the quality content that is the focus of The EN - exercise, health, and motivation.

Please attempt to use good judgment and courtesy in all your interactions in the community and certainly Be Safe and Act According to the law. Thank You!