HyperSPAce Workout Levels

Choose from the list of exercises.


Abdominal Machine

Abduct Machine (Coming Soon)

Adduct Machine (Coming Soon)

Air Squats

Anteriors; Side DB Raises (Coming Soon)

Back Extensions (Coming Soon)

Behind the Neck Press (Coming Soon)

Bench Press

Cable Curl (Single Hand) (Coming Soon)

Cable Curl (Two Hands) (Coming Soon)

Cable Reverse Curls (Coming Soon)

Cable Shoulder Shrugs (Coming Soon)

Cable Tricep Pressdowns-Bar (Double/ Single Pulley) (Coming Soon)

Cable Tricep Pressdowns-Rope (Double/ Single Pulley)

Cable Upright Rows (Coming Soon)

Cable Wrist Curl (Coming Soon)

Calf Machine

Chest Press

Chinups (Coming Soon)

Clean and Jerk

Crossovers (Double/ Single Pulley)


Curls BB

DB Overhead Press (Coming Soon)

DB Rows (Coming Soon)

Dbl. Arm Extension (Standing French) (Coming Soon)

Dead Lift

Decline Press (Coming Soon)

Dips (Coming Soon)

Dumbbell Curl (Coming Soon)

Dumbbell Fly (Coming Soon)

Dumbbell Toe Raise (Coming Soon)

Forward DB Raises (Coming Soon)

Glut Machine (Coming Soon)

Hack Squat Machine (Coming Soon)

Hammer Curls DB (Coming Soon)

Hammer Pull-Over (Coming Soon)

Hamstring Curls Single Leg (Coming Soon)

Hamstring Curls Two Legs (Coming Soon)

Horizontal Leg Press (Coming Soon)

Incline Press (Coming Soon)

Incline Press Machine (Coming Soon)

Iso Chest Machine (Coming Soon)

Iso Lat Row (Coming Soon)

Iso Lateral Horiz Bench Press (Coming Soon)

Iso Lateral Leg Extension (Coming Soon)

Jump Rope (time) (Coming Soon)

Jump Rope Double Unders (Coming Soon)

Kettlebell Swings (Coming Soon)

Knee Raises (Coming Soon)

Lat Pulldowns (Coming Soon)

Lat Pulldowns Machine (Coming Soon)

Lateral Raises Machine (Coming Soon)

Leg Extension (Coming Soon)

Leg Lifts (Coming Soon)

Leg Press (Coming Soon)

Low Back Machine (Coming Soon)

Machine Curls (Coming Soon)

Machine Flys (Coming Soon)

Military Press (Coming Soon)

Oblique Crunches (Coming Soon)

Overhead Squat BB (Coming Soon)

Power Cleans (Coming Soon)

Preacher Curls (Coming Soon)

Pullups (Coming Soon)

Pushups (Coming Soon)

Pushups (Narrow) (Coming Soon)

Reverse Curls BB (Coming Soon)

Reverse Curls DB (Coming Soon)

Reverse Wrist Curl (Coming Soon)

Seated Dips Machine (Coming Soon)

Seated Row Machine (Coming Soon)

Shoulder Press Machine (Coming Soon)

Shoulder Shrugs (Coming Soon)

Side Bends, Twists (Coming Soon)

Side DB Raises (Coming Soon)

Side Leg Raises (Coming Soon)

Single Arm Extension (Standing French) (Coming Soon)

Situps (Coming Soon)

Skull Crushers (Laying French) (Coming Soon)

Snatch (Coming Soon)

Squat (Time) (Coming Soon)

Squat BB (Coming Soon)

Standing Lunge (Time) (Coming Soon)

Straight Arm Pulldown (Double/ Single Pulley) (Coming Soon)

Straight Leg Deadlift (Coming Soon)

Tysons (Coming Soon)

Upright Rows (Coming Soon)

Walking Lunge DB (Coming Soon)

Wrist Curls (Coming Soon)

Wrist Roll (Coming Soon)

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