Spring Cleanup

A shout out to Pandy's Garden Center and The Tree Service for their donations of flowers and mulch respectively.

Our township businesses appreciate your support!

North Ridge Road Resurfacing and Water Main Replacement Project

The North Ridge Road Resurfacing and water main replacement project is scheduled to begin Wednesday, March 24, 2021. The project consists of planning and resurfacing North Ridge Road from the Lorain City limits (0.2 miles east of Broadway) to SR 57. Work also includes abandoning a 10” existing water main and replacing it with a 12” water main from Elyria Avenue to SR57.

Fabrizi Trucking and Paving is the contractor. Fabrizi will be closing 2 lanes but maintaining access to all properties. One lane of traffic in each direction will remain open at all times. The lane closures are anticipated to take 120 days. All work should be completed by November 30, 2021, weather permitting.

Traffic will be maintained.


Identify Illegal Dumping


Elyria Township Vehicle Registration

The proper tax district is 4772. Some residents were being incorrectly charged for the City of Elyria which is $15 more.

Help Residents Quit Tobacco

Because COVID-19 affects the lungs, current smokers might be more motivated to quit.

Direct them to the free Ohio Quitline:

1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669)

Household Sewage Treatment System Operation & Maintenance Program


Preservation of the health, safety, and welfare of our county residents is a responsibility we take seriously. Fatal drug overdoses keep rising in Ohio with the Ohio Department of Health recently reporting a 20% increase. The impact is being felt in our community at an alarming rate.

ere in Lorain County (population 306,000), new research estimates 35,000 residents are misusing or abusing opioids*. Last year, 132 overdose deaths occurred. Some of the dead included grandparents. An alarming number of infants are being born displaying withdrawal symptoms due to drug exposure. 75% of our children being placed in foster care in the county is due to parental substance abuse.

Fentanyl is now being mixed with all kinds of street drugs triggering overdoses and death. It is alarming to report that the federal government has assigned two designations to our county because it has become one of the leading drug trafficking counties in the nation. This drug activity is harmful to our families, our children and our local economy ($200-million/year negative economic burden*).

This Public Awareness Report will provide you with the latest information on the severity of the toll the drug epidemic is having on our county. We continue to work with law enforcement and those on the front line. Public Awareness Report