Road Department

The Elyria Township Road Department: Jeff Bowers (left), superintendent and Kevin Burns (right).

Phone: (440) 324-3517

Curbside Trash

Collection day is Thursday. Please place your carts at the curb the night before your scheduled collection to ensure service. Face the cart opening toward the street, three feet from the road and three feet from other objects. This request comes from Rumpke and our Road Department.

Rumpke will collect bulky items on your regular service day. You may place bulky items out for collection on one day during each calendar month at no charge. There will be a charge for collection of bulky items on additional days in the same month. Any item placed outside the trash cart will be considered a bulky item. As a courtesy, please contact Rumpke in advance when you have bulky items for pickup. Examples: appliances, carpet and furniture. Their number is 800.828.8171.

Fabric and upholstered items must be wrapped in plastic. Examples: furniture, mattresses and box springs.

Appliances with Freon must have the Freon removed by a licensed technician, and the removal certificate must be attached to the appliances. Examples: refrigerators, freezers and air conditioning units.

Prohibited items are tires, batteries, hazardous waste, liquids, flammable materials, household chemicals. DO NOT place the items inside the Rumpke trash or recycling carts. For safe disposal options, please contact Lorain County Solid Waste at 440.329.5440.

Place needles and other sharp objects in a hard plastic laundry detergent bottle, reattach the lid and secure it with duct tape. Use a thick permanent marker to write "SHARPS" on the bottle. Please it inside your trash cart sealed.

Brush collection: January through September

Brush collection starts the last Monday of each month, except for October, November, and December due to leaf collection, but will resume in January. Please call (440) 324-3517 before 8:00 AM prior to the last Monday, if you don’t call we may not pick it up. Leave your name, address and phone number and please talk slowly so we can schedule our route for that day. Calls received after 8:00 AM on the Monday of the collection will be added to the list for the following month.

Do not bag your brush. Place the cut ends of your branches toward the road. If you have a large quantity help us out and spread it out across your yard. When the piles get high it is hard to pull the branches out. Our chipper does not like prickers, flowers, weeds, corn stocks, any type of grapevine material, or firewood size logs. They plug up our filters and intake screens and get caught up in the feed reels. If you pay a contractor to trim or cut down your tree they are responsible for what they do; the Road Department will not pick it up. This was a motion passed by the Board of Trustees.

Wood chips are free to township residents and they can be dropped off in your driveway when the Road Department is out chipping. Request wood chips by leaving a message at 324-3517.

Mailbox Installation Instructions

Damage to your Mailbox by a Township Snowplow

If a township’s snowplow damages your mailbox:

Your mailbox will be repaired or replaced by the township with a standard rural type mailbox on a 4×4 wood post provided that:

  1. Your damaged mailbox had been installed the proper distance from the road berm. (See link below.)
  2. In addition, if the mailbox and its post were deteriorated, the decision to replace either part will be at the discretion of the Elyria Township Road Department. Mailbox Installation Instructions

Please mark both sides of your mailbox with your address so the emergency services can find you if needed, remember in an emergency, every minute counts. Address signs can be purchased at the fire station.