Zoning Department

The Zoning Board of Appeals hearings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at the township hall at 7:00 p.m. Zoning Commission hearings are held on an as-needed basis. See the calendar on this website for a schedule.

Zoning Inspector: Tom Blaz

Office Phone/FAX: (440) 324-3664

Mobile: (216) 952-2136


Zoning Secretary: Beverly Sams

Phone: (440) 324-6288


Mailing Address:

41416 Griswold Road

Elyria, OH 44035-2324

Mailing Address:

41416 Griswold Road

Elyria, OH 44035-2324

2018-19 Zoning Commission Members

Name followed by term expiration.

David Fenik (8/11/19)

Edward Manuel (8/11/20)

Ben Dupont (8/11/22)

James Slaugenhaupt (8/11/23)

James Hiteshew (8/11/23)


Open Position (2021)

Open Position (2021)

2018-19 Zoning Board of Appeals Members

Name followed by term expiration.

Carol Gallardo (8/11/19)

Rita Mrdenovich (8/11/2020)

Carl Snezek (8/11/22)

Jennifer Manuel (8/11/21)

Rose Gimben (8/11/23)


Helen Schumacher (8/11/21)

Kathy Snezek (8/11/21)

Township Complaint Procedure

The proper way to file a township complaint is to contact the Zoning Inspector and request Citizen Complaint Form. This form must be completed and returned to the Zoning Inspector prior to any investigation or any action being taken.

The 1707 form is a public record. No complaints over the phone or in letter form will be addressed, unless this form is completed and returned to the zoning office at 41416 Griswold Road, Elyria, Ohio 44035.

Leaving Voicemail Messages

Please remember to speak slowly and clearly when leaving your phone number and name on the zoning phone. Your call will be returned Monday through Thursday after 5:00 pm.

Garage Sales

You do not need a permit in order to have a garage sale. A garage sale can not last more than one week.

Permit Reminder

Zoning Permits are required for the changing of the footprint of structures on the property, an addition of a fence, installation of a swimming pool or any additional structures to the property in question.

Thanks to township residents

Thanks to everyone who installed a fence around their pool. If you have any questions about whether your pool needs a fence, give us a call and we will help answer that question. We would also like to thank everyone who removed junk cars from their property.

Zoning Documents

Citizen Complaint Form

Conditional Use Permit

Home Occupation Permit

JEDD Map 1

JEDD Map 2

Permit Fees

Piggy Back Application

Property Split Guidelines

Zoning Resolution Book

Rezoning Form

Variance Form

Zoning Certificate

Zoning Map