Elementary Library Routines

Where Elementary Librarians share their knowledge!

This community was born on July 3, 2010 using Wikispaces. It began with a short Twitter conversation around the admiration of the work of Harry Wong.

Through the years, over 1,800 teacher librarians joined, shared their expertise and learned from each other.

No need to reinvent the wheel when you have a strong library PLN!

As of August, 2018, Wikispaces is sadly no longer available (thank you Wikispaces), so on this site we will attempt to salvage the wisdom of the tribe for use by all teacher librarians! In the future, we hope to modernize this site and provide for more community interaction. For now though, we are concentrating on transferring the resources to this site so they are preserved! Please be patient as we transfer and re-organize.

Welcome, and please join our tribe as we share and collaborate on Twitter!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us!

-Keisa Williams, K-20 Librarian (Sacramento, CA) gmail address: keisawilliams

-Catherine Trinkle ( catherinetrinkle.net, Avon, IN)

-Regina Hartley (Will Rogers Elementary, Putnam City Schools, Oklahoma City, OK) gmail address: reginahartleylibrarian

-Jamie Camp (Benfer Elementary Library, Klein, TX) gmail address: connect2jamie