2023 Photos and Archives

We didn't take a lot of photos since it was similar to the years before, but we took enough to give you the feeling of what it was like for 2023. If we get more in, we'll post the best on this page. Below you'll see a few pics of our volunteers and of the general crowd. And two large prize drawings are posted near the bottom of the page. Hope you enjoy... Thanks all!

It was a winner! Our 2023 East Central Indiana Hamfest on July 29, 2023 may be in the history books now, but it was our biggest ever. Nearly all of our vendor spaces were taken except for a few no-shows, likely due to the weather the day before and a number of power outages. Fortunately, our area was spared and even though rain was forecast for that Saturday several days before, it turned out to be about as picture-perfect as it could have been, albeit the grass being a little wet in the morning.

Here's Doug getting ready for a drawing...

Major Prize Winners

ECI 2023 Door Prize Winners (40+).pdf