2022 Photos and Archives

Enjoy...we'll all have name tags on for 2023 and we'll all be easy to identify! Look for us and be sure to say HI!!!

For event in July, 2022:

Dear Visitors,

Welcome to our ECI Hamfest archives for 2022. Attendance exceeded our expectations since we had not quite officially come out of the "pandemic." We had a LOT of door prizes to give away and want to thank each and every one our donors and volunteers. All-in-all, it went well. A few glitches, but since this is a learning experience for all of us (and with free admission and spaces), it's hard to keep track of everybody and everything.

But we did keep track of the winners. Below is a Microsoft Excel version (shown here on Google Sheets) of the list of door prize, foxhunt prize, and grand prize winners. We had so many prizes that we had to double up on some of the giveaways. Not a bad problem, by any means. 

We'd like to congratulate KC8ADN for his win of the antenna provided by Tower Electronics and WB8ZRQ for his win of the grand prize of the Yaesu FT-891 Mobile HF radio, provided to us at a discount by Gigaparts Technology Superstore. Also, a congratulations goes out to Charles Cantrell and Brad Daugherty for not only passing their license exams, but each of them also won a Yaesu FT-4X portable in a drawing, also supplied at a discount by Gigaparts. 

We had a rather unusual fox hunt this year with Jonathan as the portable fox. His picture appears in the carousel above. He had the fox hidden in his backpack and was very mobile. Toward the end of the second foxhunt, he had people going all over the place and we finally put the backpack in the lectern on the stage. It was found by Casandra who is not yet a licensed ham. She had just purchased the antenna from the Boy Scout table and ended up beating the experienced foxhunters.  Congrats going out to Casandra!!! Incidentally, one of the foxhunters approached me and mentioned that this was the most fun foxhunt he'd ever been on. Kudos for whomever thought of it. In ECI Hamfest 2023, we're actually going to announce if we do the portable fox again. Or perhaps something different...???

Also for 2023, we hope to have a computerized registration system up and running for checking in. We'll see what's either available or if one of our members can write a decent database that will work. Any volunteers that know Base in Libre Office would be helpful. Otherwise, we'll come up with something. Perhaps there's a template out there than can be modified. We still have a while to go, so we'll be working it. Or improving what we're doing now.

Lastly, we want to send a HUGE congratulations out to Francis Betts from the Jay County ARC in Portland, Indiana for winning Ham of the Year. Well done and well deserved. We'll have a photo posted of that shortly.

On the spreadsheet below, click on the little box in the upper right corner to view it full-screen (well, almost) and you'll be able to see all of the winners.


Gil - KE9F

ECI 2022 Door Prize Winners (40+).xlsx