Community Scrip and Amazon Smile Programs

Community Scrip

Scrip is a fast and easy way to donate to DSOMA. There is no cost to you. Some programs use a card that is swiped and others allow you to register a credit card; participating merchants donate a portion of your purchase to DSOMA every time you use the card.

Do you shop at Nugget or Food 4 Less? Sign up for the Nugget Market Inc. Community Scrip Program

Interested in supporting DSOMA using other merchants in your area that you already shop at? Click Here

Amazon Smile

Ordering items through Amazon became even more a part of our lives with the pandemic. Although it is difficult not to think about Jeff Besos using his billions to launch into space, let's use our online shopping to give back to our community.

Sign up for Amazon Smile and a percentage of your purchase will go directly to DSOMA if you select the Davis Schools Orchestral Music Association as your charity of choice.