Drymen Holiday Club

Welcome, we're so glad you'd like to join us for some activities to keep you busy and get you thinking over the summer holidays. Over the next few weeks this will be updated with new activities to try, videos to watch, and you might even earn some Cub badges in the process - look out for the Cubs links, if you do all the experiments here you should be well on your way to getting your Scientist Activity badge. Have a look around, hopefully some of it is inspiring and if you send us in your photos, videos and questions they will be posted on the wall for others to see.

For everyone who completes one of the experiments from each section and submits it to us we will send you a young scientist certificate for you to put on your wall. There is also an Amazon voucher on offer for the best video submitted.

Each set of activities also has a biblical reference for you to explore if you want. What you choose and how much you want to do is entirely up to you. We plan to run occasional Zoom chats to find out how people are getting on, dates will be posted here and if you want to join you need to email Rebecca to get the join code.

Science Zoom Meeting @ 11am Sunday 5th July

A Brief History of the Universe

This is a 3D VR video produced by the Faraday Institute

Watch this 360 (VR) video and zoom through the entire history of the universe in under 4 minutes! Watch on a VR headset, tablet or smartphone for the best view of everything going on around you, or click and drag to look around. Remember to make sure your player is set to 3D!

Science and Faith?? I thought they didn't go?

I wonder if you think this?

I wonder if God is interested in Science?

We would really like you to try the experiments, but keep asking questions, that's what why this is the Wonder Zone. See what answers you come to.