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Drug Education Project - HyperDoc

00 HyperDoc Drug Education ~ rev. 9-18-17

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RUBRIC Anti-Drug Project rev 9-8-17
Anti-Drug Unit Assignment Instructions rev 9-19-17
Create a Google Site rev 9-18-17
Intro to Sites - Michelle rev 9-13-17

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Adding Images to Google Sites rev 9-19-17

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A Healthy Life Style Project

00 Health 8 Action Plan Teacher Guide Rev 9-3-18

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01 Health Action Project: View & Analyze Assignment rev 9-3-18
02 Health Action Project: Project Creation HyperDoc rev 9-3-18
07 Health Action Project: Final Project RUBRIC rev 9-3-18
04 Health Action Project: Example embedded Citation page rev 9-3-18
06 Health Action Project: Self Evaluation of Website RUBRIC Rev 9-3-18
05 Health Action Project: Peer Evaluation of Website RUBRIC rev 9-3-18