Experts to Know

Matt Miller

Author of Ditch That Textbook and co-author of Ditch that Homework

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Alice Keeler

She is big in math but has many other topics of interest as well including co-authoring a book with Matt Miller Ditch that Homework and authored 50 Things you can Do with Google Classroom and Math with Google Apps.

Catlin Tucker

Her main focus is English and literature; she also touches on project-based learning, feedback, and ed-tech topics. She authored the text, Blended Learning.

Christine Pinto

In her own words, "I am a kindergarten teacher in Southern California. Inspired by the kids I work with, I strive to make learning purposeful and the school environment an enjoyable place to be for my students. I am the founder of the hashtag #GAfE4Littles and co-author of the book Google Apps for Littles: Believe They Can. More recently, I have brought #GAfE4Littles into joining forces with #InnovatingPlay. I am a co-moderator of the bimonthly #InnovatingPlay #SlowFlipChat, where Jessica Twomey and I facilitate discussions with educators about the ongoing cycle of connecting, wondering, playing, and discovering through a variety of intentional topics. I am a believer of the CAN mindset behind #GAfE4Littles, and have acquired the #InnovatingPlay mindset that learning and teaching can be done without limits. "

Jennifer Gonzalez

"I help teachers crush it in the classroom." Sign up for her blog and get valuable tools in your email. She also has a podcast. He is the author of The Innovator's Mindset.

In his works, "I am a learner, educator, and Innovative Teaching, Learning, and Leadership consultant. I am also the author of "The Innovator's Mindset". I believe we need to inspire our kids to follow their passions, while letting them inspire us to do the same."

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Kasey Bell

She is a Google Guru. Sign-up for several free e-books on her website including Google Cheat Sheets. She is the author of The Teacher's Guide to Google Classroom.

Jacqui Murray

She provides tech tips, advice, pedagogic discussion, lesson plans to assist in integrating tech into the classroom. She has her own Houghton Mifflin Hardcourt Store.

Eric Curtis

He is a Google Education Trainer and Innovator. He provides training, presentations, and consulting services for all things related to Google Apps. He has a robust website and Google+ group.

Vicki Davis

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