Graphic Organizers

In this section you will find graphic organizers that you can use with most grade levels and departments.

NOTE: To type on these documents you will have to "File" "Make a Copy", which will add it to your Google Drive.

Brace Map
Bubble Map.docx
Cause (single with multiple effects) Effects
Cause and Effect Note Taking Chart.docx
Cause-and-Effect Chain.docx
Character Web.docx
Compare and Contrast of Three Texts
Comparison and Contrast Chart.docx
Concept Wheel
Five W’s and an H
Flow Map
Important Contributions
KWL Graphic Organizer
Main Idea Mapping
Persuasion Map
Problem Solution
Question Frames
Venn diagram

Crtl Alt Achieve from Eric Curtis ~ check out his website!

Eric has created 30 Free Google Drawings Graphic Organizers. Read his post below:

"Several years ago when I started making webinars, my first one was on creating Graphic Organizers with Google Drawings. This was before I had started the this blog, so I never really shared all of that information in an official blog post. Until now..."

"Graphic organizers are a great tool to share information, explain a concept, or illustrate a relationship using elements including images, shapes, text, colors, and connecting lines. They can be used in education with any age group or subject area."

"There are many excellent tools for creating graphic organizers. Some are installable programs, while others are online. Some are free, while other cost money. Educators and students should be encouraged to try out many different tools to determine what works best for them and for specific situations."

"However, one great choice for graphic organizers is Google Drawings. See below for directions on how to create graphic organizers with Google Drawings (including a help guide and a recorded webinar) as well as 30 free sample graphic organizers that you can copy, use, and modify as needed."