Drichko Lab

Raman Spectroscopy Group and Users Center

The Raman spectroscopy group is focused on studies of charge and spin ordered ground states in strongly correlated electron systems. Our current aim is to investigate them with Raman spectroscopy to find general behavior for materials of different chemical origin (both organic and inorganic). 

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March 2023

Chris Anto won a JHU Summer Provost's Undergraduate Research Award (PURA) which will support his research on Raman scattering of thin films of strongly correlated electronic materials.

Congratulations, Chris!!!

March 2023

Miranda Lorenzo, who did her undergraduate research project in our group working on the data analysis of high field ESR data on organic Mott insulators just got accepted in Graduate school in Health Science at Colorado State University.

Congratulations, Miranda!!!  

May 2022

Our paper with Predrag Nikolic  on elecectronic scattering of Nd2Ir2O7 and Pr2Ir2o7 demonstrating how Raman scattering can prove Weyl and Luttinger semimetals is now on arxiv: Weyl-Luttinger phase transition in pyrochlore iridates revealed by Raman scattering