Varanomania 2

Name: VaranoMania 2

Author: SpinoSquad

Required Expansions: African Adventure

Required Downloads: None

Bugs: Animal icons appear as either the Nile monitor, or white.

Description: VaranoMania 2 contains seventeen species of monitor lizards. Here is a list of included animals:

  • Argus Monitor
  • Bengal Monitor
  • Black Tree Monitor
  • Blue Tree Monitor
  • Crocodile Monitor
  • Dumerils Monitor
  • Desert Monitor
  • Grays Monitor
  • Green Tree Monitor
  • Lace Monitor
  • Mangrove Monitor
  • Merten's Water Monitor
  • Northern Sierra Madre Forest Monitor
  • Peach Throat Monitor
  • Perentie
  • Rock Monitor
  • Savannah Monitor

*SpinoSquad has requested that this download be made available for long-term preservation.

Image Gallery:

(Blue Tree Monitor, Desert Monitor)